ThoughtsBeyond (tm) has merged with AfterLife Media Technologies.

For immediate release, ThoughtsBeyond (tm) an innovator in the after life services space has merged with After Life Technologies, Inc. to provide better solutions to the public. ThoughtsBeyond (tm) founded and released late fall of 2000, by Pablo Varando, has merged with AfterLife Technologies to provide more complete higher-end solutions. ThoughtsBeyond (tm) has been the leader in the space for over 7 years and is merging to innovate bigger and better technological solutions for consumers seeking to stay in touch with family and loved ones after their death.

ThoughtsBeyond (tm) was a first of it's kind; package based solution that provided consumers with email, video email, and social media solutions for delivery to loved ones after death; has now merged with AfterLife Technologies to provide these services for free to the general public.

AfterLife Technologies is a donation based system that only charges consumers based on what they want to donate to the company. If you cannot donate; you are still free to use the solution free-of-charge to ensure that your loved ones are able to still be in communication with you after your death.

For more details, please visit: AfterLife Media.